Uncover the Hidden Gems of Gozo: A Treasure Trove for Adventure and Leisure Seekers

Over the years, the island of Gozo has been Malta’s favourite holiday destination.  The tiny Mediterranean island is a treasure trove for those seeking an adventure or active holiday and those who are simply after lazy days of leisure. 

The island of Gozo is a blend of the charming and picturesque rural atmosphere of villages that seem stuck in time but have moved on to today in the same spell.  While in Gozo, take time to discover the island’s historical roots that go back to ancient times.  The Ġgantija temples and a series of other lesser-known prehistoric sites testify to that.

The centre of the island of Gozo is Victoria or Rabat.  Rabat is the older name of the city and dates back to Arab times.  Rabat is the island’s hub, a unique city that boasts an incredible number of churches and where the narrow streets and alleys hark at a medieval history opening the way to busy squares where people stop at the local cafe’ or for lunch.  The Citadel, or the bastioned old city, stands right in the heart of the island, and no one can visit the island without discovering this fortified gem, which has its own stories of heroes to share.

Spread out over the Gozitan countryside, Gozo’s villages are easily recognisable across the skyline.  The dominant churches, one for each village, rise above the traditional houses and blend in, giving Gozo its unique character.  

Santa Lucija, Gozo is a rural hamlet, one-of-a-kind that has even been recognised at European levels as a destination of excellence over the years.  The square with the small chapel dedicated to Saint Lucija is a picture to behold.  Join in the local celebrations if you’re here in December when Santa Lucija’s feast is celebrated.  Don’t miss out on events like the annual Symphony of Lights and culinary events that boast Santa Lucija’s hamlet country lifestyle.

Gozo’s beaches are second to none.

Turquoise waters are inviting, and the sandy beaches, the rocky coves, and the bays have their appeal.  Explore the island’s coast and take in the fantastic views of cliffs with the old coastal towers standing on guard.  

Beyond the seascapes and coastal areas, Gozo is about the countryside, perfect for long hikes or short walks.  Gozo’s bosom is made of rolling hills and rugged valleys, along with terraced fields, countryside lanes and peaceful meadows.   A holiday in winter under the warm sun is about the great outdoors and nature, and there is no doubt that such a holiday is a natural tonic for travellers from nordic regions.  In summer, the joie de vivre can take different shades of active holidays and indulgent pampering by the water’s edge.  

A holiday in Gozo is ideal for families seeking to enjoy themselves together.  There are many activities that families can do, even when there are young children or older family members.  Couples seeking a romantic or tranquil getaway will also find inspiration.  The island of Gozo has become a destination for weddings, events, celebrations and business occasions. 

Beyond all this, Gozo offers a busy calendar of events with various cultural, artistic and musical occasions.

There’s never a lull.  Winter celebrations on the island include extensive Christmas celebrations, followed by Valentine’s and Carnival holidays.

Spring is closely linked with Easter time events and a variety of outdoor activities.  Summer is all about the exciting village feasts.  Autumn is considered opera season and is associated with harvest and food festivals.

Musical events, concerts and art exhibitions are on all year round. 

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